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Festivals in Italy

Festivals in Italy


Italy is decorated with the great extravagance and splendor to commemorate the beginning of Lent (a period in which Christians don’t indulge in revelry and also don’t consume meat) and Easter during the Carnevale. This festival probably has its roots from the 12th century and Pagan Festival. In numerous towns of Italy, parties, parades and masquerade balls are organized to keep the people entertained. While the balls may become pricey for the tourists to attend, you can enjoy various street performances, concerts and boat parades without paying any cost.

When: February/March
Where: Venice, Viareggio, Ivrea, and Cento

Palio di Siena

There is something attractive and enticing about this popular Italian festival in which 17 districts or contra de (as known in Italy) compete against each other in the horse riding game. The winning champion rider is awarded a Palio. A special mass, blessings from the horses and grand procession starts of the main race-day of this festival. Apart from witnessing the thrilling race among the 17 champion riders, you can also enjoy good food at the various stalls nearby.

When: July/August
Where: Piazza del Campo, Sienna